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Services - TOK Transit

Tok Transit is the realization of Tokmakjian Group’s over 30 years of experience in providing transit services to various municipalities throughout the Greater Toronto Area. In January 2012, Tokmakjian Group formed this new company to highlight one of its strongest assets: municipal transit.

This move clearly defines an integral part of the brand’s corporate structure, separating its municipal transit services from its other businesses.

Tokmakjian Group formed this new division to
highlight one of its strongest assets: municipal transit

Tok Transit has already secured a major contract with York Region, taking the reins of the municipal transit service for Aurora, Newmarket and other northern towns of York Region. This substantial contract is for four years and valued at over $13 million annually. The company will operate 70 municipally owned transit buses and hire over 130 full-time employees, creating new employment opportunities for York Region residents. By privately contracting the area’s municipal public transit, York Region will reap the cost-saving benefits provided by an independent service provider.

On Oct. 1, 2012, Tok Transit also initiated a new contract with the town of Fort Erie to own, operate and maintain its transit services. Much like the various towns of York Region that employ Tok Transit’s services, Fort Erie will benefit from the financial advantages of utilizing an independent transit provider. Currently, Tok Transit operates exclusively on the local level, but like the other companies within the Tokmakjian Group, its vision is to grow beyond the municipal realm. It is Tok Transit’s goal to provide multiple municipalities with its exceptional levels of service.

Tok Transit has recently been awarded with a contract to operate and maintain the Standard and Specialized Transit System for the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo (RMWB), also known as Fort McMurray, in Alberta, for a 15-year term plus a 5-year renewal option. Under this contract, Tok Transit will provide the facility, procure capital assets, manage transit planning, fares, marketing and customer service. The service will commence on July 1, 2013. The company will operate and maintain 50 Standard and 9 Specialized municipality-owned transit buses and will hire 132 full and part-time employees to mange the entire system for RMWB.


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