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Services - CABSS

As the third addition to the Tokmakjian Group, CABSS presents a more personal service to property owners throughout the Greater Toronto Area. From condos to retirement homes, property managers can hire CABSS to provide exclusive shuttle service for their residents. CABSS understands that there is a need in every community for great transportation options, recognizing customers’ needs, and exceeding them.

As an extension of Can-Ar Coach Services, CABSS brings the expertise and reliability of its parent company’s years of trusted experience. Adopting Can-Ar’s policy of safe and reliable transit, CABSS specializes in arranging daily trips from individual property locations to various sites around the city, including the Eaton Centre and other shopping districts; Pearson International Airport, Union Station, various community centres or any other location a customer may desire.

Our cost-effective programs are affordable ways of enticing new residents with an exceptional added-value service. This exclusive incentive can be customized however the individual property owner sees fit, and can accommodate various time frames. Let CABSS arrange an ideal plan for your condo, retirement home, neighbourhood or other property type, and provide your residents with a safe and reliable means of traversing the city.


TEL. 905.738.7830
FAX. 905.669.2958