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Company - HISTORY

In 1970, a 29-year-old Vahe (Cy) Tokmakjian set out on his own, embracing the entrepreneurial spirit with the vision of developing his own business legacy. His father owned a large diesel shop back home in the Middle East, so Cy brought what he knew to the Canadian frontier and began his first company, SN Diesel Service.

Cy set-up shop in Concord, Ontario, and began building his company on an honest business practice of integrity and trust. Through extensive knowledge of complex diesel engines and a resolute work ethic, SN Diesel quickly grew into a renowned leader in repairing, rebuilding and refurbishing diesel equipment within the expansive Canadian market. Following this success, the Tokmakjian Group was officially formed in 1971.

In 1983, Cy branched out into the group travel market, integrating Can-Ar Coach Service into his expanding empire. Currently operating 40 luxury tour coaches and employing 50 employees, Can-Ar provides major excursion opportunities for locals and tourists, and runs daily scheduled bus routes throughout southern and central Ontario. In 1989, the Tokmakjian Group went international. It currently has operations in Cuba, Barbados, Dominican Republic, Republic of Korea, Republic of Panama, Nicaragua, Chile, Ecuador, Venezuela, Germany and Holland.

Today, Tokmakjian Group stands as one of Canada’s largest transportation groups. While its success on the national level is of the highest regard, Tokmakjian Group’s global operations continue to offer international markets safe and reliable transportation means, and essential repair services across the Caribbean and South America.


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FAX. 905.669.2958